May 29, 2024

Amazon 1-800 Phone Number – Customer Service Contacts

The 1-800 Toll Free Phone Numbers are Updated for 2023!

Amazon 1-800 Phone Numbers.


Customer Service Contacts: Amazon Phone Numbers.

What is the 1-800 phone number for Amazon?
Speak to a live person/real human in customer support in seconds.
We have compiled a list of working Toll Free 1-800 customer support phone numbers for

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-216-1072 or 1-888-280-4331

Phone Line Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a Week

Average Wait: 4 Minutes

Best time to Call: 8:30am

Speak to a Live Person at Amazon: Press 0, OR don’t press or say anything!

Amazon Live Chat: Amazon Live Chat (Must log in)

Amazon Customer Service Email Address:

Amazon on Twitter: @AmazonHelp

Amazon on Facebook (Available on Messenger):

Amazon Customer Service Webpage: Amazon Contact Us Help Page

Phone Menu Transcription: If you call the number above you will get the options below.

When calling the Customer Support number, you will hear the following automated respons. Take note of the options, especially which key to press in order to speak to a live person (if available).

  • Thank you for calling customer service, for quality assurance and training services your call maybe monitored or recorded.
  • For kindle questions 1
    • We will connect you to the next available agent, thank you for holding we will be with you as soon as possible.
    • Note that answers to common questions may be found in the help pages of our retail website and you may also email us by following the contact us links on the website.
  • to change in order or update your accounts setting 2
    • The current wait time is less with one minute, did you know that you can find video demonstrations for how to register new kindle connect to Wi-Fi, set payment methods.
  • for item delivery, to help us assist you as quickly as possible please have your order number ready.

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number (International Callers): 001-206-266-2992

You can call this number from outside the US and from within the USA.

Amazon 1-800 Phone Number @ – 2023 – 2024.

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55 thoughts on “Amazon 1-800 Phone Number – Customer Service Contacts

  1. I recently purchased a playstation vr headset and right out of the box it did not work so I sent it back to sony after leaving a message about the problem at my orders . I just received an e-mail from sony that they are going to charge me another 99 dollars because the head set was damaged I am pretty upset about this , what are you going to do about this ?

  2. It was too difficult to find a phone number for Amazon but when I did there was static on the line and was hard to get the information that I needed. Please be more customer friendly from now on. I am a Prime customer and would like to continue but may reconsider after looking for 2 hours for a phone number to call.

  3. Phone number very difficult to find, it should on the advertisement page all of the time. Had a problem where order was being sent, if I had the phone number I may have been able to stop it. Now I have to re-order.

  4. the problem I have is that I purchased a gift card for 25 bucks from starbucks anyway I was told a transaction from amazon the card was redeemed I did not buy anything from amazon in my life I do have a reference number but I can assure u this is the truth why is this happening??? HELP PLEASE

  5. poor customer service, didnt take my issues seriously even though amazon screwed up my order and sent to to someplace else as a result of my account being hacked into, NEVER GOING TO ORDER from amazon if this is the way i get treated, VERY DISAPPOINTED

  6. I have been trying to complain to Amazon about their policy about sending things to Australia – what I want is not available in Australia but is banned from sale to Australia in both the US and UK. But there seems to be no way to actually get in touch with any of the organisations to make that complaint!

  7. people need to stop trying to trick people saying they won gift cards trying trick people into ordering stuff and why they take the money off fast but they cant do that when they owe us a refund.

  8. I ordered one dozen red roses for my daughter-in-law’s birthday but only eleven were delivered. Is this the new bakers dozen?

  9. Received shipment of a vacuum cleaner – 2 parts missing. I tried to find Amazon Customer Service – no luck on internet. Tel.nos given but always busy. Getting frustrated with Amazon

  10. I purchased two dresses in Oct. 23,2018 and Nov. 15, 2018, but until now, Amazon have not sent my Orders. And I couldn’t find a Customer Service Number on their website.

  11. Amazon rescued me form a coin purchase from Marshcarger, on Order # 112-8888414-5252214 , they refunded the purchase , Thanks ! However, the postage was extremely high, trip to China ? The UPS Required Postage is $30 .00. The return postage will not be covered by Marshcarger. However, the AMAZON, Cavalry charged into the frail , and rescued this issue! I Am very satisfied that Amazon corrected a dispute and resolution. Amazon , Outstanding Customer Service . Will constantly utilize Amazon for required needs. Again, Thanks , JM

  12. I have just placed an order and have just seen that you have charged me an extra 99p for Amazon Prime. I didn’t want to have that and would be pleased if you would cancel it.

  13. I needed help to sent a package back, the product only showed a bar code to scan. And I live miles from a UPS store. Well, they never send me a shipping label. Told me my computer had been compromise n wanted to charge me $300.00 to fix it.

  14. I have yet to find the total 800 number. I am spending a lot of money. I would appreciate the help. of amazon.

  15. Amazon rejects the pass word I have used since I started ordering things
    and refuses the process to set a new pass word. I would appreciate any
    help you could give me. I have always used the Linux operating system and the Firefox web browser in ordering items from Amazon.
    Regards, Rodney Page

  16. I back in October ordered some candy I did not sign up for Amazon prime but I found out that they put me on there list as a member and have been charging me $14.02 a month for the last 4 months for something I did not want or sign up for then they have not returned a answer to my complaint. I had to put a stop through my bank so they can no longer charge my credity card

  17. I’ve been a customer of Amazon for several years now. Last week I called customer service 888 and I keep kidding someone in a foreign land. I got hacked and system was totally locked up. I was talking to a foreign person who stated he worked for Amazon. I want to talk to a English speaking person 1-800 in the USA. I have yet to order my goods & Services. Need Help………or you will loose a good customer. MB Greenway…

  18. have yet to find the total 800 number. I am spending a lot of money. I would appreciate the help. of amazon.

  19. not receiving my orders . delivered to wrong address. delivered to 26 avery ave not avery way. cant get through to you by phone please call.gerald canade 26 avery way blue point ny 11772

  20. I need to talk to a real person about my account! my debit card info has changed and I need to update it!!! But I can’t get thru any ####!!! I cant remember my email or password to get on line to make changes!!!! Someone please contact me 618 580 xxxx ASAP!!!!

  21. I have been trying to call Amazon for days to fix a prime issue. I understand Social distancing but they are still filling orders and there should be a way to speak to someone even by text or email. Amazon is one of the biggest businesses in the world. Why is there not customer service?

  22. I have been an Amazon customer for years purchasing many items. Now, despite my yrs of loyalty and being a Prime member, I am asked to prove my authenticity by furnishing an OTP number (a hassle!) for Amazon to make sure it’s me. My pw is enough, believe me. I ‘m really “sore” over this kind of treatment and will not continue as an Amazon customer if it continues much longer.

  23. I received a text message claiming to be from Amazon to take a survey-for a prize. After taking the survey there was a ‘hook’ in the ‘agreement to terms’—in order to obtain a choice of a number of ‘free prizes’ was a charge of $70.00 charge. I do not know if Amazon endorses this but I thought it better to report a scam to Amazon publicly so this issue can corrected & to stop others from getting duped.
    The text message cell number is +1 (858) 382-7151.

  24. I recently got my order and it was missing 1 thing and I was charged for . I also received something that I wasn’t charged for.

  25. Never received any packagers 3 orders and you keep telling me that they will be here. Says delivered. Two different orders.not right.

  26. PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE CALL ME AT 360-253-xxxx.


  27. i understand your frustration with the virus, please understand mine since my firestick system has been lost and i am not getting any co-operation from amazon.

  28. Amazon is sitting on non prime member orders for two weeks with Covid19 as an fake excuse to try to get non Prime members to pay for 2 day delivery. I will start buying elsewhere. And they charged my account before they shipped.

  29. I cancelled amazon prime, changed my mind. I cant reach them,they dont take any phone calls.what can i do?

  30. I can’t get anyone on the lines just a recording. I need help regarding a gift card the I was trying to load when I pull in the peel back for the code to enter the code peeled off taking the numbers with it. So how or who do I talk t oo. Terrible customer service.

  31. I returned a kindle, and its supporting articles sold separately I was unable to use ad all were returned to local UPS agency with paper work.eEither due to my inexperience, the UPS handling Amazon only reacognised the small items being returned not the Kindle which was inside the cover.A.mazon inefficiency apparently meant that the cover ss not opned or somewhere in transit some one amanaged to get a new kindle…kNow you (Amazon) is not given me creditt for what they acknowledge to be about 55 dollars I am not out the entire sum of the Kndle orders..a sum which could use ..Do I need to say that I am 91 year sold and on limited funds..Come on Amazon be fair!!

  32. After 1 hour of trying to talk to chat and getting NOWHERE I am very frustrated Amazon you don’t seem to want to help customers your phone #s seem to be hidden just found it from Nick thank you Nick hope it works. If it wasn’t Covid time I think I would try to find another company. Sorry Amazon but your customer service sucks!!!!!!!!!

  33. I am not having a great time trying to contact Amazon to update my account. In fact, I can’t even get any help from anyone. I have better things to do with my time than try to contact Amazon. Bezos? You have too much money and you don’t give a damn about your customers. This is insane.

  34. My jar of coffee arrived smashed in Amazon box, they say you cannot return this item. In the list of why are you sending the item back there is nothing to say it was damaged and not purpose for the use, like a cup of coffee without glass ……. very dangerous

  35. The Amazon delivery partner cancelled two of my orders without my consent & he constantly kept on sending me a link which is not working

  36. Hi
    Please deactivate the Amazon prime membership form my account. It is activated by mistake please cancel it

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