April 14, 2024

Walgreens 1-800 Phone Number – Customer Service Contacts

The 1-800 Toll Free Phone Numbers are Updated for 2023!

Walgreens 1-800 Phone Number

Customer Service & Contact: Walgreens Phone Numbers.

What is the 1-800 phone number for Walgreens?
Speak to a live person/real human in customer support in seconds.
We have compiled a list of working Toll Free 1-800 customer support phone numbers for Walgreens.

Walgreens Customer Service Line: 1-800-925-4733 (1-800-WALGREENS)

When calling the Customer Support number, you will hear the following automated respons. Take note of the options, especially which key to press in order to speak to a live person (if available).

Walgreens.com: 1-877-250-5823

When calling the Customer Support number, you will hear the following automated respons. Take note of the options, especially which key to press in order to speak to a live person (if available).

More Information: www.walgreens.com/mktg/contactus/contact-us-landing.jsp?foot=contact_us

Walgreens 1-800 Phone Number @ 1800phonenumber.org – 2023 – 2024.

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11 thoughts on “Walgreens 1-800 Phone Number – Customer Service Contacts

  1. Cannot understand why Walgreens of Russellville ,Arkansas has so many problems of running out of scripts or not being able to find scripts that have been called in. How can they be out of carbidopa/levodopa ?? not my first issues with them and will be transferring my business elsewhere.

  2. Walgreens at 27th Ave and Carefree Highway in Phoenix Arizona. Please rethink your policy on the drive up pharmacy window. At this location the drive up is directly in the afternoon sun and with temperatures approaching 115 degrees, your policy is that the drive up is for convivence and not for Speed. However this location is leaving their customers to roast in the afternoon some for extended periods of time rather than asking someone that is taking a long time to go around and enter the store. The safety of individuals is being put at risk by this policy. When I raised this issue to the Pharmacy manager I was told I could take my business elsewhere.

  3. I signed up for the covid vaccine for myself this morning. How can I add my wife to the same address and email

  4. how long do I have to wait for a reply back for my 2nd dose vaccine @walgreens on 175st Jamaica hillside

  5. I am a senior and therefore eligible for my insurance OVER THE COUNTER card. However, out of the several Walgreens in the Metro Omaha/Council Bluffs vicinity I have stopped at, only one store has ever made the effort to uphold the OTC APPROVED tag on products. And none of them in Council Bluffs was that One!

    Why are you not handling this issue! Now that our insurance has provided us with alternatives in shopping, I don’t think I will need go to Walgreens any longer, or was that idea in the first place?

  6. When is Walgreens going to require employees to be vaccinated? You are a pharmacy and people should feel secure knowing the employees who service them are fully vaccinated.

  7. I have been a customer of Walgreens @ Nissan in Smyrna Tn for many years. I have noticed that in the last 2 yrs customer service has gotten worse. Either no one to wait on me or messed up prescriptions. I am a veteran and have issues. I have a companion little dog that goes with me everywhere and for the last five years. Yes even to Walgreens, almost everyone that worked there knew his name. I went in today to pickup prescription’s for my wife an I with my little dog as usual, A lady informed me that my little dog was not allowed. Informed to carry him or leave. I was shocked and picked him up, While paying I set the dog on the counter for a second to get my wallet and the lady told me to get my dog down. I was pissed when I left I told the lady that she would not have to worry about me and my little dog again. She replied GREAT! I WILL NOT BE BACK! Your customer service sucks and there’s got to be another pharmacy that would appreciate a veterans business.

  8. Walgreens at North Elm street, Greensboro, NC
    October 2, 2021, I had made an appointment for myself and my 88 year old friend to get our Covid Booster shot. My appointment was at 11:30 and my friends was at 11:45.
    At 11:55 AM I finally made it to the head of the line (others were picking up meds etc) and was handed two clip Boards. I found an open chair next to a lady who was still waiting … her appointment was at 11:00. At which point I returned the clip boards and departed the nonsense.
    Walgreens appears to be lacking adult supervision. As a minimum, Walgreens web site should be explicit in that the appointment time is meaningless. Absolutely disgusting.
    I will share this wonderful experience with the State Board.

  9. Horrible service in all stores in Aurora, CO. They are all blaming it on short staffing. Thinking they need to pay their help better and they would have help. Corp profits over customer service!

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