December 8, 2023

BMO Harris 1-800 Phone Number – Customer Service Contacts

The 1-800 Toll Free Phone Numbers are Updated for 2023!

BMO Harris 1-800 Phone Number

Customer Service & Contact: BMO Harris Phone Numbers.

What is the 1-800 phone number for BMO Harris Bank (formerly M&I Bank)?
Speak to a live person/real human in customer support in seconds.
We have compiled a list of working Toll Free 1-800 customer support phone numbers for BMO Harris.

BMO Harris Customer Service / Support: 1-888-340-2265 (24/hrs)

When calling the Customer Support number, you will hear the following automated respons. Take note of the options, especially which key to press in order to speak to a live person (if available).

  • Welcome to BMO Harris bank.
  • Para Espanol, prime ocho.
  • For personal banking, 1.
    • For account and loan information, to transfer funds or for other account related matters, 1.
      • Please note all 1098 and 1099 tax forms were postmarked and mailed on February 2nd. Based on IRS reporting roles BMO Harris Does not report interest earned is the total for all interest bearing checking savings and CD accounts is less than $10 or loan interest paid is less than 600.
      • Please enter your account number or Social Security number followed by the pound key.
    • To open a new account or to apply for a mortgage loan or credit card, 2.
    • To report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card, and for all TMM for debit care related matters, 3.
    • For all online and mobile banking matters, 4.
    • For other matters including personal access code, pack or telephone banking pin changes for this automated system, 5.
    • To speak with a banker 0.
  • For commercial or business banking, 2.

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1 thought on “BMO Harris 1-800 Phone Number – Customer Service Contacts

  1. In Nov. 22 2017, I toke out 6000.00 CD for my grandson, Now he wants to buy a car and I said I had a cd to help him pay for his car, I knew I would pay penalty for early withdrawal I looked at the paper works and it said 12 to 23 months CD loss of 180 days interest, the interest rate was only 1.49, I went to BMO Harris Bank in Green Bay and explained my situation why I wanted to cash in early, after the transaction was completed I found out that I was getting less money that I invested, I said I had the CD for more then 180 days, so I talk to Bank Manager, Matthew Laubenstein and explain my situation that it cost me 25.88 of My 6000.00 your bank had to invest for 8 months, after talking to the manager and the person who was helping me I was informed that the CD I had was a special which in find print said Long Term CD special 12 months or longer that is long term, The manager said he would look into how to help me. by having me invest in longer term CD, with a smirk on his face all I said I came in with 6000.00 I expected to leave with 6000.00. Also have your people explain when you offer a special that the penalty on interest for early withdrawal is different from a regular CD Loss of 365 days interest, All I can said what happen to customer loyalty, very confused and upset, Ed Langenberg

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